Congratulations to all our winners below.


Substitute Teacher – Best International Film – Israel

Director and Writer: Shiry Price
Cinematography: Einav Giat GoodmanSynopsis:Ariela, a 34 year old introvert teacher, is pregnant from a man who is no longer part of her life. Entering a new high school class as a substitute teacher she meets David, a 15 years old student. A tender connection develops between the two and makes Ariela wonder if she has what it takes to become a mother after all.

Short Film
Israel-16mins 48secs-Colour


Luminaris – Best Animated Film – Spain & Argentina

Director: Juan Pablo Zaramella
Production: Sol Rulloni
Screenplay: Juan Pablo Zaramella & Gustavo Cornillon
Supported and Distributed by:
Promofest – SpainSynopsis:In a world controlled and timed by light, an ordinary man has a plan that could change the natural order of things.

Animated Film
Spain & Argentina-6mins-Colour


Is This It? – Best Short Film – Ireland

Director: Gerard Walsh
Writer: Gerard WalshSynopsis:Two young kids wander an abandoned city for reasons unknown.

Short Film


The Pier – Best Feature Film – Ireland

Director/Producer/Writer: Gerard Hurley
Executive Producer: Jim StarkSynopsis:In The Pier, Larry McCarthy is a poor struggling fisherman who didn’t have much but he had the love of a beautiful wife Rose and a young son Jack. His life was hard but he was content. However, his world was shattered when tragedy struck one night during a storm and Rose drowned.The story explores the complicated dynamics of a father and son relationship as they stumble around trying to communicate everything from the simple daily interactions to their complicated past, but all that buy valium no prescription ever seems to actually get expressed is anger and confusion. They can’t deal with reality until it’s forced upon them.

Feature Film
Ireland-83mins 21secs-Colour


Beyond Right and Wrong – Best Documentary Film – USA

Directors: Roger Spottiswoode, Lekha Singh
Producer: Rebecca ChaiklinSynopsis:Beyond Right and Wrong is a documentary that explores the relationship between aggressors and the families of their victims in areas of conflict around the world. Through interviews conducted with those on both sides of the conflict in Rwanda, Northern Ireland, and Israel/Palestine, the film examines the process of learning to forgive in the most difficult of circumstances. Beyond Right and Wrong is a meditation on the concept of justice in a troubled world.

Feature Documentary
USA-80mins 33secs-Colour


Special Delivery – Best Newcomer Director/Writer in Fingal – Ireland

Director: Dave McCabe
Co-Writer/Producer: Jen DavisSynopsis:Special Delivery is a short comedy about a man trying to get his pregnant wife to hospital and all the obstacles they encounter along the way. It was filmed in Lusk and around the Man O’ War pub in Fingal. Special Delivery was created as part of a challenge to shoot a short film in just one day.

Short Drama Comedy Film
Ireland-8mins 51secs-Colour


Kill Screen – Best Student Film/Doc/Animation – BCFE Ballyfermot College, Dublin, Ireland

Directors: Tom Reynolds, Jason Coyne
Producer: Daniel Dalton
Cinematographer: Richard Twomey
College: Ballyfermot College of Further EducationSynopsis:No one is spared as two soldiers fight their way through a heavily guarded enemy building. Their mission is unclear but nothing will get in their way of achieving it.

Short Film