The Fingal Film Festival was launched in 2012. It is a new entity order valium no rx that offers a platform, encouraging and promoting the works of local film community both nationally and internationally, facilitating an environment where filmmakers can showcase their work, whilst having access to experienced industry professionals.

We provide workshops and training programmes throughout the three day annual festival event. At least 25% of our festival schedule is dedicated to foreign films, which broadens the film culture experience for all who attend. The Fingal Film Festival is a team of people who work effortlessly to deliver a quality service to emerging filmmakers.

Since opening our doors we have given festival contributors access to some of the Industries most prolific names, both nationally and internationally, which has been well received by all who attended.


It is our mission to provide a platform for all emerging filmmakers to share their creative voice with the general public. We aim to achieve this by screening their work in cinemas and creative spaces throughout the Fingal area, whilst offering recognition for their incredible work.


Submissions open every year from November until the deadline of June 30th. We accept Animation, Feature Films, Documentaries, Irish Language films, Student Films, Short Films, Fingal Newcomer Films and International Films.