Film: Deirdre 

Category: Short Film 

Director: Jo Southwell 



What is your film about? Who are the characters? 


A dark Irish love story led by Deirdre (India Mullen) and Niall (Sean Doyle)


Can you describe a typical day on set/Best experience during the making of the film? 


We only had 4 days to make this film. It is a period set drama so most days were long ! The best filming was in Templderry and the traveller camp that we created in Nenagh.


Who is your biggest influence? 


I don’t have one main influence as a film maker. I grew up in the 70s on Star Wars and other big epics / classic cheap diazepam sale films. My aim as a film maker – to produce an Irish Feature Film called Deirdre of the Sorrows


What is your favourite film? 


Loads for different reasons but Ill stick with STAR WARS


What are your plans for the future/Whats your next step? 


Currently in pre production for DEIRDRE OF THE SORROWS. I am also writing 2 other features which I would like to get off the ground this year.


Advice for people who have just picked up a camera and want to make a movie? 


Keep making shorts. Keep creating and working with others to tell the story you want to tell.


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