Fim: Maidhm

Category: Scannán na hEireann

Director: Seán Breathnach

What is your film about? Who are the characters?


Maidhm is about a disconnect between a mother and son that emerges from an unresponsive relationship. My script was influenced by an article that appeared in The Irish Times about a young autistic boy and the daily struggles his mother faced in caring for him. She outlined the everyday difficulties she faced in taking care of her son but found his inability to display affection for her as being particularly difficult to cope with. My script and film is a portrayal of this type of relationship and their mutual need for support and affection.


Can you describe a typical day on set/Best experience during the making of the film?


It was a very humbling and gratifying experience working with the cast and crew of Maidhm, I owe them all a great deal for their energy, their ideas, their time. We only had three days together but I think we captured some interesting imagery. Luckily, there was only one location involved and most of the filming took place in one large room, which allowed us to give the actors space to find their performance. I really enjoyed watching the two leads, Harry Pender and Tara Breathnach give life to the script, in a very buy valium online us subtle and affecting way which was beautifully photographed by Colm Hogan our DP.


Who is your biggest influence?


I’m very much influenced by the poetic tradition in film-making, in particular the more experimental forms. I would list Terence Malick, Andrei Tarkovsky, and British director Steve McQueen as influences. I’m also very influenced by the imagery created by cinematographers such as Gordon Willis, Conrad Hall, Phillipe le Sourd, Roger Deakins, Christopher Doyle and many others.  



What is your favourite film?


It is very difficult to name just one film but the work of Andrei Tarkovsky and in particular Zerkalo (The Mirror) were influential in the scripting and filming of Maidhm.


What are your plans for the future/Whats your next step?


I’m a lecturer at NUI, Galway with a particular interest in screen aesthetics and script writing, as well as a practicing filmmaker but I do have a few projects that I’m hoping to secure finance for, in particular a stylized documentary related to dream interpretation. Hopefully the funding will come through!


Advice for people who have just picked up a camera and want to make a movie?


Spend most of your time on script development, there’s always the need for another draft; get that right and everything else will eventually fall into place.