Film: The Shed

Category: Fingal

Director: Rachel Kirby

Producer: Paul Blanchfield




What is your film about.

The Shed is a short documentary which focuses on groups of Men within the Balbriggan and Swords communities who have come together to form ‘Men’s Sheds’ as a way to socialise and keep themselves busy after many things / people have passed them by in life.


Who is your biggest influence?


Rachel – I’d say the people that influence me most are actually my peers. The people who are doing so well around me and that just pushes me to do the same and achieve my goals Also women in media really inspire me, it’s so amazing to see these successful women rise to the top, and that just makes me aspire to be one of them. So that might be a broad answer but I don’t have any one person in particular that I feel has influenced me, just a whole lot of them.


Paul – Currently my influences have been other filmmakers who are working in the Irish film industry such as Gerard Barrett as well as the smaller ones who are going out every weekend making short films with their friends just showing that to make a film you just have to do it.


What is your favourite film?


Rachel – My favourite film has always and will always be the breakfast club. Such a classic.


Paul – For me it has to Who Framed Roger Rabbit because of the blend of animation and live action and that I can watch it countless times.


What are your plans for the future / What is your buy valium online 10mg next step?


Rachel – My plan is for the future to try get an internship in a production company and build on my skills and gain as much experience as I can.


Paul – My next step is studying an MA Software Development in DIT with the hope of finding a way into the Animation industry and also working on outlines for some future projects.


Advice for people who have just picked up a camera and want to make a movie? 


 Rachel – My best advice for anyone that wants to make a film, is just do it! Sounds easy, but what I mean is, if you have a passion for filmmaking, you should just do it. You don’t have to have any fancy equipment and a crew of a 100 people, you can start small and do projects by yourself, or better yet if you have any friends interested in it, go from there. The most important thing is that you’re making films, because it keeps your skills up and you only get better with every film you make. Not everything you make will be great but everything you make you learn something different from.


Paul – Totally agree with the Just Do It attitude. Make as many films as you can in different genres. Also don’t narrow your focus at the beginning by thinking you can’t do something. If you think you can only use camera try writing or editing because everything complements each other and will make you better going forward.