Film: South

Category: Feature

Director: Gerard Walsh


What is your film about? Who are the characters?

South tells the story of Tom, a young musician who suffers the loss of his father. After this he sets out to find his estranged mother who left when he was a child. On his journey he meets Jess, a striking young girl who joins him

Tom is played by the very talented Darragh O’Toole who is currently on Tv3’s Redrock.

Jess is played by the charismatic Emily Lamey who I feel has amazing potential and a lot to look forward to in her career.


Can you describe a typical day on set/Best experience during the making of the film?

I don’t usually like to make a set feel like a job, I hope I have achieved this but I generally try to keep everything chilled. I treat every shot the same way “There is no rush and when we get it, we get it”

The best experience on set was when we went to the bus station to shoot, we arrived and asked if we could just have maybe an hour or two to shoot. We spent around 6 hours shooting there with absolutely no hassle and got everything we needed. I think it really pays to be courteous and understanding in situations like this as it may come as a surprise how accommodating places and people can be.


Who is your biggest influence?

My biggest influence in how I approach film making would have to be Kevin Smith, the way he made “Clerks” his break out debut film is very inspiring to me.

But it’s something that I heard him say that stuck in my mind and I feel is the most buy valium no prescription cheap important piece of advice I have heard and it’s along the lines of “if your film isn’t hurting anyone or messing up anyone’s life then just fucking do it, whats the worst that could happen?” I’m paraphrasing a bit but thats the gist.


What is your favourite film?

My favourite film is Steve Mc Queens “Shame” I think it’s beautifully shot, the story is handled amazingly and the performances are incredible.


What are your plans for the future/Whats your next step?

I hope to secure some funding in the future for scripts that I am currently developing, I have been building a relationship with the powers that be for the past year or so and they seem interested in my voice so hopefully they will chuck me a life saver and give me a chance to show what I can do when I have a budget and the means to tell the stories that I have been telling with no budget.


Advice for people who have just picked up a camera and want to make a movie?

Don’t wait around for money, build an idea that you can produce with the means that are available to you. If your uncle owns an ice cream van, make a film about an ice cream man. That being said, if he owns an ice cream van then your actors and crew would be sorted for a bit of food, that’s two problems solved in one go.

I went a bit off on a tangent there but the main thing is, just get off your arse and try, if it doesn’t work then you learn from that and try again, who’s it gonna hurt!?