Sunday September 27th 2015

Sunday 27th September 2015 Schedule

18:00 Screening

VIP Screen at Movies@Swords.

Pavilions Centre, Swords, Co. Dublin.

Where my Ladies

Director: Eiméar Howard
Running Time: 17 x mins
Where My Ladies? Is a short documentary film featuring a selection of key women working in the Irish screen industry. These women explore the topic of women working in the screen industry in Ireland, drawing from their own experiences.


Director: Conor Whelan
Running Time: 5 x mins
Snowfall is the story of an anxious young man who has a moving experience at a friend’s house party. It’s a story of fleeting love, of mixed emotions, and of how we interact with each other.

This is Not a Portrait

Director: Patrick Shanahan
Running Time: 9 x mins
Paul is a bartender. Paul is an artist. One pays. The other does not. This film explores the struggle between and the balance of Paul’s world. Can he be both? Or is he just a bartender? Or just an artist?

Cead Ghra

Director: Brian Deane
Running Time: 12 x mins
First Love is a nostalgic coming of age story about two best-friends that set out on a quest in pursuit of their first crush.

Tonn Nua?

Director: Niall Clery and Peter McKeown
Running Time: 20 x mins
A documentary about contemporary Irish cinema, looking at the latest growth in micro budget film making in Ireland.

End of Days, Inc.

Director: Jennifer Liao
Running Time:  89 x mins
A darkly comic feature film with a supernatural spin about a group of laid-off workers at a mysterious company that are bribed buy valium cheap online into working one last night, only to discover that processing the last of their ‘inventory’ will lead to cataclysmic consequences.

21:00 Screening

VIP Screen at Movies@Swords.

Pavilions Centre, Swords, Co. Dublin.


Director: Jeda De Brí
Running Time: 10 x mins
A young homeless man finds unlikely companionship in an unwanted dog while slumming it on the streets of Dublin.

Deanta as Adhmad

Director: Sarah McGuirk
Documentary about the art of carpentary from one of Ireland’s most successful carpenters Gerry Farrell, owner of Gerry Farrell’s joinery.


Director: Gerard Walsh
Running Time: 14 x mins
Pam is a lonely widow who takes joy in the brief moments spent with her family. As these visits become more infrequent the void in her life becomes more evident.

I Know the Feeling

Director: Joan Keith
Running Time: 14 x mins
This short documentary takes a look at how art is helping people to open up about mental illness

The Veteran Hour

Director: Hamlet Sarkissian & Donatella Gomelsky Guichard
Running Time: 23 x mins
22 veterans commit suicide everyday. That’s almost one per hour. The Veteran Hour explores three different hours in three different veteran’s lives, where not giving up on love and compassion is the only way to give a chance to re-birth.

Project M

Director: Eric Piccoli
Running Time: 98 x mins
Four astronauts have to stay 1000 days in a space station around Earth in order to prove that a trip to Europa, one of Jupiter’s moons, is possible. The experience goes well until something happens on earth.